About Us

FrivolousSpending.com is a digital magazine that gives you all the tools necessary to destroy both your time management skills and your bank account in one fell swoop. We like to say that we are on the cutting-edge of trends around the world, but in reality we just like to look at stuff we want to buy. So we decided to turn that obsession into something that would make money.

Only the coolest, most innovative, and yes sometimes the oddest items make the cut on our site. We go through hundreds of items before carefully choosing those we publish everyday. Certain items return a small commission for a product referral, although many do not. These referrals allow us to limit the amount of advertising you see on the site. It would be nice not having to pay the bills our company accrues, but alas we must pony up in the end.

We do not carry nor sell any of the products listed on our site.

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