• BagelSmartTapeMeasure001

Bagel Smart Tape Measure

Tape measures haven’t changed all that much since their invention in 1868. Materials have been modified and functionality has improved, but real change hasn’t occurred until now. Bagel ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to change the way we …

$89 | Bagel Labs

  • DefenderRazor001

Defender Razor

Razor designs are a dime a dozen, with new companies entering the market every year. Most are just a redesign of what is already available, adding more blades to supposedly shave closer with less irritation. The Defender Razor looks like a …

$5+ | Defender Razor

  • brick-oven-pizza-dome-001

Brick Oven Pizza Dome

Some of the best pizza is cooked in brick ovens, but trying to duplicate that flavor at home has been elusive. The NutriChef brick oven pizza dome is trying to change that. The pizza dome features a chamotte clay stone cooking surface that retains …

$80 | Amazon

  • fostex-premium-headphones-001

Fostex Premium Reference Headphones

In the grand scheme of things, $1,300 really isn’t all that much money. But for headphones? Are they really worth it? The attention to detail that was put into just the red lacquered casings by Japanese craftsmen offers proof that they might be. If …

$1,299 | Amazon

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