Tape measures haven’t changed all that much since their invention in 1868. Materials have been modified and functionality has improved, but real change hasn’t occurred until now. Bagel ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to change the way we think of tape measures. The Bagel sports a digital display, three measuring modes, automatic storage for 100 measurements, and a mobile app that can keep everything organized. String mode features a retractable string that can measure what may not always be in straight line, while wheel mode measures distance as you roll the wheel over a surface, including curved surfaces. The most interesting, though, is remote mode which will measure an object’s distance with it’s ultrasonic sensor without needing to move. Just point the sensor at the object in question and the distance will show up on it’s digital display. The battery will last 24 hours and can be easily recharged with a standard micro USB cable. With all of this in one compact package, you may never reach for a metal blade tape measure again.

$89 | Bagel Labs