Razor designs are a dime a dozen, with new companies entering the market every year. Most are just a redesign of what is already available, adding more blades to supposedly shave closer with less irritation. The Defender Razor looks like a completely new design that may change the existing shaving paradigm. Instead of cramming in more blades, the Defender was developed with just three, which should clog less because of the extra spacing between the blades. The cartridge is extra thin so that you can easily shave under the nose, and the stainless steel blades should last longer than other cartridge systems. Other features of note are embedded safety guards on each blade, four anti-friction strips to ensure a smooth movement, independent suspension of each blade, and unrestricted pivoting. You get a choice of two handle styles, the normal stick design and a unique dual head system that allows movement in multiple directions.

$5+ | Defender Razor