In the grand scheme of things, $1,300 really isn’t all that much money. But for headphones? Are they really worth it? The attention to detail that was put into just the red lacquered casings by Japanese craftsmen offers proof that they might be. If that wasn't enough, it has a Tesla magnetic circuit, something that is sure to be a conversation starter at parties. The headphones also include a proprietary neodymium 'magnetic-repulsion' drive, and an extremely wide dynamic range. Another unique feature includes the aforementioned endcaps that are made from Japanese Cherry Birch, which are finished with a traditional Japanese "Urushi" lacquer by an ancient artisan guild. The special earbud pads are made from protein leather, and the enhanced cord is manufactured from 7N grade oxygen-free copper. The package also includes an elegant headphone stand that keeps the speakers ready for use.

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