Fitness trackers come in all shapes and sizes, each with its own unique strengths and shortcomings. But sometimes you just want to wear a nice watch that looks good in most situations and performs a few fitness tracking tricks.  Withings made headlines with its Activité watch made from sapphire-crystal and stainless steel, and followed it up with the Activité Pop. The newest edition, the Steel HR, adds a few nice features to an already popular line of fitness watches, most notably a heart rate sensor especially suited to workouts. The watch comes with either a white or black face, and in 36m or 40mm sizes which are great for running. The original analogue complication shows the percentage of your fitness goal achieved so far, and the new digital sensor can display calls, message, calendar appointments and heart rate. It pairs nicely with the Withings app that can show your fitness tracking in even more detail.

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