• spaceboy-wastecan-001

Spaceboy Waste Can

You probably don't give much thought to how boring your garbage can is. Who does? But that may change when you see the Spaceboy Waste Bin by Wesco, which could awaken dormant childhood dreams of space flight. The look is retro and futuristic …

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  • DeathStarSpiceGrinder001

Death Star Spice Grinder

Star Wars fanatics prefer anything that alludes to their favorite movie franchise. Case in point is the Star Wars Spice Grinder, a small portable Death Star grinder for all of your herbs and spices. Chefs and wanna be chefs know that it is best …

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  • MarkVDiveHelmutIceBucket001

Mark V Dive Helmut Ice Bucket

Who doesn't love cool nautical items that are also functional? This replica of a classic US Navy dive helmut boasts a built-in ice bucket to chill items for your next party. It is stunning to behold even when not in use. The entire bucket is …

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  • ax-pizza-cutter-001

Ax Pizza Cutter

Sometimes you need to make the mundane tasks of life a little more interesting just to keep yourself sane. Like cutting pizza with a katana or radial saw. But if your significant other balks at such ideas, you can take a less over the top method …

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  • ship-one-rose-001

Ship One Rose

Sometimes the less we do the more meaningful it becomes. Dozens of flowers can make an impression, but so can a single, perfect rose. Ship One Rose has dedicated itself to this ideal and will send one hand-picked rose to the one you love. All of …

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  • samsung-biometric-lock-001

Samsung Biometric Lock

Biometric devices are a growing trend in the security market, with door locks being an obvious choice. The Samsung Push/Pull lock is a stylish and innovative design, with a unique operation where you push the door open instead of turning a handle …

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  • brick-oven-pizza-dome-001

Brick Oven Pizza Dome

Some of the best pizza is cooked in brick ovens, but trying to duplicate that flavor at home has been elusive. The NutriChef brick oven pizza dome is trying to change that. The pizza dome features a chamotte clay stone cooking surface that retains …

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  • vaya-limited-edition-chairs-001

Vaya Limited Edition Chairs

With design cues from high-end sports cars, Vaya has created the ultimate office chair. These limited edition chairs are signed and number by designer Ken Okyama, who has worked for both Ferrari and Maserati. With color choices like Racing Red, Azur …

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  • the-integral-house-004

The Integral House

Remember Calculus? You’re not alone. James Stewart, described as “the rock star of the calculus world” because of the 30 plus calculus books he has written, built his home to glorify the calculus that made him rich. The $18 million house was ...

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  • crazy-coffins-enterprise-urn-001

USS Enterprise Urn

Now you can really go where no man has gone before. Crazy Coffins will custom design a coffin or urn to your exact specifications. The Nottingham-based company designed and built their first decorative coffin in 1990, and the business has ...

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  • cash-flow-game-004

Cashflow Game

Frivolous Spending is rampant in our society, and one of the best ways to combat it is through education. Why not make financial education fun with a game like CashFlow by Robert Kiyosaki. Designed to teach the fundamentals of financial integrity ...

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  • cluster-bomb-cocktail-cabinet-001

Cluster Bomb Cocktail Cabinet

Fallen Furniture has taken a weapon of mass destruction and turned it into a centerpiece of mass intoxication. The finely polished fuselage of this behemoth opens to reveal three glass plate shelves that revolve around a gold-plated spindle. The base …

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  • boeing-747-jet-conference-table-002

Boeing 747 Conference Table

There are conference tables, and then there are conference tables that make a statement. If your business wants to depict energy and enthusiasm, then the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Conference Table delivers, and is guaranteed to be the centerpiece ...

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