Coffee is important. Good coffee even more so. The Moccamaster KGB 741 makes some of the best drip coffee of any machine on the market. Moccamaster has been known as the pinnacle of drip coffee makers since its introduction years ago, and they continue to innovate. As with all Moccamaster models, this one has clean lines and sharp angles with a minimalist industrial look. The design is slightly smaller than other Moccamaster models and should fit better in tight spaces.

Where this model really differs is the availability of color options that haven’t been seen before. Some of the flashier colors include Fresh Green, Grape, Orange, Pink, Red Metallic and Yellow Pepper. If those are too much for you, more sedate colors like Black Metallic, Copper, White Metallic and Polished Silver are available.

Moccamaster is one of the few coffee makers that brews at an optimal 200°F and is certified by the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America). The soleplate automatically adjusts to keep the coffee at just the right temperature so the perfectly brewed coffee does not get scalded while staying hot, a new design feature that is sure to please.

Moccamaster coffee makers have always been known for build quality, easy cleanup, and of course optimal coffee brewing temperatures. This model is no exception, and adds a touch of flair that other models in their lineup can’t match.

$329 | Amazon