Now you can really go where no man has gone before. Crazy Coffins will custom design a coffin or urn to your exact specifications. The Nottingham-based company designed and built their first decorative coffin in 1990, and the business has steadily grown from there. If you peruse their website you will see custom-designed coffins and urns in the shape of a Rolls Royce, yacht, guitar, sports bag, skateboard, and even a ski sled. They will design almost anything that your mind can think of. The USS Enterprise urn shown was for a lady whose late husband was a Trekkie. The image has been shown numerous times in social media, and has increased the notoriety of Crazy Coffins across the globe. If you don’t want to spend eternity in a run-of-the-mill rectangular box, then you might just want to consider looking at customized coffins. It could change your outlook on life.

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